Welcome to the Physicians Circle for Patients!


The Physicians Circle for Patients (PCP) aims to reduce income-related access to health care disparities, and in effect, inspire a happier and healthier community.  We are an organization of medical professionals who have joined together to better lives through our gifts of service, stewardship, education and compassionate care.


Our Mission

Our mission is to restore medical professionalism and help needy individuals get the care they need; facilitate physicians in providing coordinated, patient-centered care and Educate people to become smart consumers within the complex healthcare system.


Our Vision

We aspire to build a broad network of volunteer physicians, improve the level of health literacy in the local community and make sharing of health information secure and easy by widespread use of a "Health Record Bank" by community physicians and general public.


Guiding Principle

No single person, at the mercy of financial implausibility, should ever be denied quality, compassionate health care under any circumstances.


Committed to a better community!


PCP makes it easy to give back to the community, but with minimal red tape. We have established a system that allows Physicians to see needy patients within their own offices, on their schedules.  Through the Georgia Volunteer Health Care Program, Physicians serving in our organization are able to see and treat patients with full liability coverage. Participating Physicians are also eligible to receive free CME credit and provide all of their patients with a top notch prescription assistance program through the incredible PCP volunteer team.


PCP has created a database of area resources for anyone needing assistance in Northeast Georgia.  Our goal is that this website will allow persons in need to quickly determine and locate help. We want to make giving back easy and getting help simple.